Live Event Artist Legal Contract Terms

Special Event Artist Services

Owner Miles Pelky
15954 Avenida Calma
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. 92091

If you are buying a live event painting you agree to the following

1. $500 non refundable down payment is due now.
 Balance due 7 days prior to event day.
2. Live Event Artist is providing a live artist for your event.
3. You are buying the copyrights to the painting
4. Location
5. Subject Matter
6. Live Event Artist provides everything to do the job
7. We arrive 2-3 hour prior
8. 24×30 Painting will be done the evening of the event
9. Any Disputes must be resolved in San Diego
Extras (will be quoted in price) Customer will pay and
Any flights or hotel rooms
Vendor meal and water
Shade & Umbrellas for artist if event is outside and
weather is raining or over 75 degrees
5×5 space

If Insurance is requested by the venue it will be paid by the client

Please make sure to fill out the live event artist form first. Any additional terms please put in the “comments” section of that form. This is part of your contract as well. The date that form is submitted and down payment received is the date this contract is signed. Below is Miles Pelky’s legal signature.

Miles Pelky
If you’d like to print this contract please click here